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Rules & Regs
Rules & Regs Part 2
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Rules & Regs
Rules & Regs Part 2
Rules & Regs
1.0 The Game
1.1 The game shall be known as 8 ball pool and referred to in these rules as the game. It is intended that players and teams should play 8 ball pool in the true spirit of the game and in a sportsmanship manor. It should be clearly understood that the referee is the sole judge of what is fair and unfair play. The referee will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that these rules are observed.
2.0 Requirements of the Game
2.1 The game is played on a rectangle six pocket pool table with 15 balls, plus a cue ball. Balls comprise two groups, represented by two different coloured balls plus the 8 ball which is black. Alternately numerical balls may be used numbered 1-7 which are plain coloured balls, 9-15 which are stripped balls. Balls in two groups are known as object balls.
3.0 Object of the Game
3.1 The player or team pocketing their group of object balls first in any order then legally pocketing the 8 ball (black), wins the game.
4.0 Commencement of the Game (or restart)
4.1 The balls are racked in a triangle with the 8 ball the black on the 8 ball spot which is the intersection of the centre and corner pockets.
4.2 Order of play is determined by the flip of a coin. The winner of the flip has the option of breaking or requesting his/her opponent to do so.
4.3 The opening payer plays at the triangle of the object balls by striking the cue ball from any position behind the line. He/she must pocket one or cause at least two balls to hit a cushion. Failure to do so is a foul break and will result in the balls being re-racked The opposing player restarts with one break shot followed by one nominated shot that will denote which colour he/she is on.
4.4 If the cue ball is pocketed on the break the opponent is awarded two shots which is to be taken from anywhere behind the line, one shot free table, the second shot must be nominated and will denote which colour he/she in on.
4.5 On the break if the player legally pockets an object ball, or balls of each group he/she must nominate his/her choice before continuing to play.
4.6 If a foul is committed on the break other than in 4.7 any balls pocketed are ignored in determining groups.
4.7 If the player pockets the 8 ball (black) from the break, the game shall be restarted by the same player. No penalty will be incurred. The balls to be re-racked This applies even if the other balls, including the cue ball, are pocketed as well.
4.8 If a ball or balls are legally pocketed, this entitles the player one additional shot and this continues to the player either (I) fails to pocket one of his/her sets of allocated balls or (ii) commits a foul, at any time
4.9 Combination shots are allowed providing that the player hits one of his/her own group of balls first (unless rule 6.2 applies)
4.10 Once the game has commenced the white may not be removed for cleaning.
Rules & Regs Part 2
5.0 Fouls
5.1 In off (cue balls pocketed) see rule 4.4
5.2 Hitting opponents balls before his/her own except when 6.2 applies
5.3 Failing to hit any ball with the cue ball
5.4 Jump shots are defined as when the cue ball jumps over any part before making contact with any other object ball
5.5 If a player hits the 8 ball (black) with the cue ball on the first impact before all his/her own ball have been potted except when rule 6.2 applies
5.6 Potting any opponents balls except when rules 4.4 or 6.2 applies
5.7 Ball of the table (I) Any object ball or the black ball, shall be returned to the 8 spot (rule 4.1) or as near as possible to that spot without touching any other ball, in a direct line between that spot and the centre of the "D". (ii) If the cue ball, the ball to be played from the position of the "D". A ball shall be deemed off the table if it comes to rest other than the bed of the table.
5.8 If a players clothing or body should touch any ball
5.9 Players not having at least one foot on the floor
5.10 Playing or touching with the cue any ball other than the cue ball
5.11 Playing out of turn
5.12 Playing before all balls have come to rest
5.13 Playing before the ball or balls have been re spotted
5.14 Striking the cue ball with any other part of the cue other than the tip
5.15 Striking the cue ball with the cue more than once
5.16 Failing to clearly nominate when rule 4.4 or 4.6 applies
5.17 Foul break (rule 4.3)
5.18 Push stroke (rule8.1)
5.19 Moving an object ball or the 8 black ball when playing away from a touching ball
5.20 If in the opinion of the referee a blatant foul is played, the match will be awarded to the non striking player
6.0 Penalty Following a Foul
6.1 Following a foul the oncoming player must play the white where it lies with TWO shots, free table first shot. If the white is potted then the oncoming player will play the whit from behind the baulk line with TWO shots, free table first shot
7.0 Loss of Game
7.1 If a player pockets the 8 ball (black) before he/she all balls in his/her own group, except rule 4.1, he/she loses the game
7.2 A player going in off the 8 ball (black) when the 8 ball (black) is potted, loses the game
7.3 A player who clearly fails to make any attempt to play a ball of his/her own will lose the game
7.4 If a player seeks to gain an advantage by deliberately touching a moving ball or retrieving a ball dropping into a pocket he/she will lose the game