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2012/2013 Season
2013/2014 Season
2014/2015 Season
2015/2016 Season
2016/2017 Season
2017/2018 Season
2018/2019 Season
2019/2020 Season
2020/2021 Season
2012/2013 Season
Neil ChapmanZetland AMemorial Cup20 August 2012Danny Barker(Redcar Citz)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton ClubDivision one10 September 2012Darren Rudd(Crown Brotton)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton ClubDivision one17 September 2012Ric Hesletine(Golden Lion)
Dan ParkinsonZetland BDivision two8 October 2012Ben Porrit (Bulls Head)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton ClubDivision one14 January 2013Daryl Fletcher (Crown Brotton)
Ian DaviesYorkshire Lass BA Cup21 January 2013Lee Rye (Timms Coffee House)
Ian HansellMaynard ArmsDivision one4 February 2013Chris Morrison (Arlington)
Eddie PalmerYorkshire Lass BDivision one4 February 2013Martin Morton (North Skelton Club)
Charlie ScollettMaynard ArmsA Cup18 February 2013David Henderson (North Skelton Club)
Ray RobinsonVaults BB Cup18 February 2013Ryan Edis (Vaults A)
Kevin DaviesYorkshire Lass BDivision one25 February 2013Craig Davison (Alex B)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton ClubDivision one25 February 2013Ray Jones (Lounge A)
Craig FraserBulls HeadDivision two4 March 2013Ryan Edis (Vaults A)
Darren RuddCrown BrottonA Cup18 March 2013Shaun Calvert (Yorkshire Lass A)
Mark RobertsonMaynard ArmsDivision one25 March 2013Dave Whitwell (Queens A)
Simon DoneellyMaynard ArmsDivision one25 March 2013Bri Killman (Queens A)
Andy ShellyCrown BrottonDivision one8 April 2013Darren Ward (Lounge A)
2013/2014 Season
Bri KillmanQueens AMemorial Cup16 September 2013Neil Chapman(Zetland A)
Martin MoodyLounge AMemorial Cup16 September Nick Bentley(Miners Arms)
Andy ShellyCrown BrottonDivision One23 September 2013Jeff Holiday(Maynard Arms A)
Nigel DixonMaynard Arms BDivision Two7 October 2013Gaz Webber(Marine)
Simon DonnellyMaynard Arms AMemorial Cup14 October 2013Ray Robinson(Vic)
Charlie ScollettMaynard Arms ADivision One21 October 2013Donna Fairburn(Queens A)
Lee JoelRedcar CitzDivision Two4 November 2013Lee Wedgewood(Top House Boosbeck)
Paul BracchiRedcar CitzDivision Two9 December 2013John Agar(Alex)
Darren RuddCrown BrottonDivision One Cup16 December 2013Keith Jennings(Queens B)
Mike CollantineNorth Skelton Club ADivision One20 January 2014Andy Shelley(Crown)
Ian HansellMaynard Arms ADivision One Cup27 January 2014Mark Sleeman(Queens B)
Lee WedgewoodTop House BoosbeckDivision Two Cup3 March 2014Chris Mann(lounge B)
Mike CollantineNorth Skelton Club ADivision One Cup3 March 2014Lee Rye(Timms)
Matthew ScollettMaynard Arms ADivision One14 April 2014Ray Jones(LoungeA)
Neil ChapmanZetland ADivision Two19 May 2014Tom Shields(Miners Arms)
2014/2015 Season
Ian HansellQueens ADivision One1 September 2014Dave Walker (North Skelton Club A)
Trevor DavisonNorth Skelton Club BMemorial Cup22 September 2014D Harris (Hollywell)
Ray JonesLoungeMemorial Cup6 October 2014Chris Kell (Marine)
Scott PearsonLoftus CCDivision Two13 October 2014Maurice Pearson (Carlin How Club)
Gaz WebberRedcar CitzDivision One13 October 2014David Henderson (North Skelton Club A)
Simon DonellyQueens ADivision One10 November 2014Andy Sivills (Golden Lion)
Danny MarshallNorth Skelton CLub BDivision One10 November 2014Ian Maxwell (Redcar Citz)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Cubb BDivison One10 November 2014Paul Bracchi (Redcar Citz)
Phil AndersonRedcar CitzDivision One10 November 2014Mark Robertson (North Skelton Club B)
Mike CollantineNorth Skelton Club ADivision One10 November 2014John Fewster (Hollybush)
Gaz WebberRedcar CitzDivision One24 November 2014Kev Davies (Yorkshire Lass B)
Charlie ScollettNorth Skelton Club BDivision One15 December 2014Eric Rees (Brotton Club)
Dave WalkerNorth Skelton Club ADivision One5 January 2015Bob Bertram (New Marske Club)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton CLub BDivision One5 January 2015Craig Lawton (Yorkshire Lass B)
Eddie SmithNew Marske ClubDivision One19 January 2015Lee Pearce (Brotton Club)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One19 January 2015Keith Jennings (Queens B)
Matthew ScollettNorth Skelton BMemorial Cup9 February 2015Gareth Carman (New Marske Club)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One16 February 2015Martin Rowe (Zetland B)
Paul WestZetland ADivision Two Cup23 February 2015John Agar (Alex)
Simon DonnellyQueens ADivision One30 March 2015Mally Shaw (Hollybush)
Alex RambertNorth Skelton Club BDivision One30 March 2015Dave Walker (North Skelton Club A)
2015/2016 Season
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One14 September 2015Dan Harris (North Sketon CLub B)
Lee RyeGolden LionDivision One14 September 2015Craig Frazer (Marine)
Paul BracchiRedcar CitzDivison One14 September 2015Vince Lobley (Zetland B)
Steve BurnettNorth Skelton CLub BDivision One21 September 2015Les Beckwith (Brotton Club)
Martin RennardCleveland BayDivision Two21 September 2015Mark Sleeman (Queens B)
Ian HansellLoftus Cricket ClubDivision Two21 September 2015Sarah Cawthorne (Alex)
Steve BurnettNorth Skelton Club BMemorial Cup12 October 2015Liam Kemp (Britannia)
Jeff HolidayGolden LionDivision One19 October 2015Scott Mcleod (Railway Arms)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One2 November 2015Eddie Palmer (New MArske Club)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One24 November 2015Anth Taylor (Station Boosbeck)
Steve BurnettNorth Skelton CLub BDivision One30 November 2015Liam Owen (Queens A)
Liam KempBritanniaDivision Two30 November 2015Calum Lamb (Top HOuse Boosbeck)
Ross McmillanCarlin How CLubDivision Two14 December 2015Mark Kendall (Top House Boosbeck)
Kevin DaviesYorkshire LassDivision One4 January 2016Eddie Smith (New Marske Club)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One11 January 2016Gary Porritt (Yorkshire Lass)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton CLub BMemorial Cup1 February 2016Carl Padgett (North Skelton Club A)
Lee JoelRedcar CitzMemorial Cup1 February 2016Mark Robertson (Golden Lion)
Bri KillmanQueens ADivision One Cup7 March 2016Reece Kelly (Station Boosbeck)
Mark RobertsonGolden LionDivision One25 April 2016Kevin Hall (Yorkshire Lass)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One6 June 2016Ian Davies (Yorkshire Lass)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One6 June 2016Scott Mcleod (Railway Arms)
2016/2017 Season
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One12 September 2016Peter Vaughan (North Skelton Club A)
Ste BurnettNorth Skelton Club BDivision One12 September 2016Martin Morton (North Skelton Club A)
Ray McleodRailway ArmsMemorial Cup10 October 2017Liam Janicki (Arlington)
Lee PearceBrotton ClubMemorial Cup7 November 2016Jason Hardy (Zetland A)
Andy BacsaNew Marske ClubMemorial Cup21 November 2016Scott Pearson (Loftus Cricket Club)
Craig HodgsonZetland BDivision Two28 November 2016Andy Dodds (Cleveland Bay)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One12 December 2016Eddie Palmer (New Marske Club)
Daryl FletcherRailway ArmsDivision One12 December 2016Ian Maxwell (Redcar Citz)
Ray McleodRailway ArmsDivision One3 January 2017Alex Rambert (North Skelton Club B)
Gary WilliamsonZetland BMemorial Cup9 January 2017Andy Oxendale (Queens A)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BMemorial Cup9 January 2017Craig Frazer (North Skelton Club B)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton ClubADivision One6 February 2017Mike Elliott (North Skelton Club B)
Alan MowbrayLoftus ClubDivision One20 February 2017Shaun Tavinder (Marine)
Eddie PalmerNew Marske ClubDivision One20 February 2017Scott Mcleod(Railway Arms)
Darren RuddBrotton ClubDivision One27 February 2017Eddie Smith(New Marske Club)
Paul BuckleyMarineDivision One13 March 2017Dave Barker(North Skelton Club A)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One20 March 2017Shaun Lyon (Railway Arms)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision One27 March 2017Gordon Parker (Redcar Citz)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision One10 April 2017Dave Whitwell (Queens A)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton Club ADivision Cup8 May 2017Ray Mcleod (Railway Arms)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club BDivision Cup5 June 2017Paul OConnor (Queens A)
Richie BeckhamNorth Skelton CLub ADivision Cup5 June 2017Simon Donnelly (Loftus Club)
2017/2018 Season
Dave WalkerNorth Skelton Club A18 Sept 2017Memorial CupChris Morrison (Loftus Club)
Mike CollantineNorth Skelton Club B6 November 2017Division OneJosh Creek (Zetland B)
Daryl FletcherRailway Arms20 November 2017Division OneKieron Wedgewood (Station Boosbeck)
Ray McleodRailway Arms4 December 2017Division OneEddie Palmer (New Marske Club)
Steve BurnettNorth Skelton Club B11 December 2017Memorial CupLiam Owen (Queens A)
Liam KempBritannia18 December 2012Division TwoMitch Brown (Redcar Citz)
Terry StringerBritannia8 January 2018Memorial CupLachlan Kennedy (Queens A)
Mike CollantineNorth Skelton Club B15 January 2018Division OneDave Walker (North Skelton Club A)
Darren RuddBrotton Club18 March 2018Division OneChris Whitehead (Zetland B)
Matthew ScollettNorth Skelton Club B16 April 2018Division One CupDave Barker (North Skelton Club A)
Chris WhiteheadZetland B23 April 2018Division OneMartin Morton (North Skelton Club A)
Dan HarrisNorth Skelton Club B30 April 2018Division One CupKieron Wedgewood (Station Boosbeck)
Craig FrazerNorth Skelton Club A14 May 2018Division OneDave Whitwell (Queens A)
2018/2019 Season
Des WilliamsWharton Arms5 November 2018Division TwoDavid Sanson (AlexB)
Dan HarrisHoly Moleys19 November 2018Division OneBri Killman (Queens A)
Dave GibsonZetland A19 November 2018Division TwoDavid Ovington (Carlin How Club)
Dan HarrisHoly Moleys6 February 2019Division OneScott Templeman (Railway Arms)
Craig FraserThe North Skelton18 February 2019Memorial CupWayne Smith (Brotton Club)
Daryl FletcherRailway Arms18 February 2019Memorial CupStuart Holmes (Vaults)
Neil ChapmanZetland A25 February 2019Division TwoMike Kennedy (Vaults)
David SansonAlex B4 March 2019Division TwoMark Tinkler (Alex A)
Dan HarrisHoley Moleys15 April 2019Division CupBen Bowman (Railway Arms)
Eddie PalmerNew Marske Club15 April 2019Division CupSimon Donnelly (Loftus Club)
Steve BurnettHoley Moleys29 April 2019Division OneMark Waring (Brotton Club)
Dan HarrisHoley Moleys3 June 2019Division CupScott Pearson (Loftus Club)
2019/2020 Season
Alan WoodallStation BoosbeckDivision One2 September 2019Andy Bacsa (New Marske Club)
Craig DavisonRedcar CitzDivison One21 October 2019Chris Whitehead (Zetland B)
Phil AndersonRedcar CitzMemorial Cup28 October 2019Shaun Weed (Britannia)
Simon DumonBrotton ClubMemorial Cup9 December 2019Colin Windras (New Marske Club)
James WrightQueens BDivison Two10 February 2020Ken Richardson (Wharton Arms)
2020/2021 Season
Simon DonnellyLoftus ClubDivision One7 September 2020Charlie Scollett (Holey Moleys)
Dan HarrisHoley MoleysDivision One6 October 2020Ian Davies (New Marske Club)
Richie BeckhamHoley MoleysDivision One6 October 2020Andy Bacsa (New Marske Club)
Matthew ScollettHoley MoleysDivision One6 October 2020Colin Windras (New Marske Club)